As we approach the election on November 7th, we need your help to get the word out in our community! Come help our Get Out the Vote work by knocking on doors to let people know how they can vote, and why they should support Marven. If you can’t make it out to the streets, come join us for phone banking at our campaign headquarters or from your own home! All training and materials will be provided by the campaign. Come help us make Lynn a positive place for all Ward 5 residents to grow together.

A Letter from Marven

Dear fellow Ward 5 resident,

I am running for Ward 5 City Council because Lynn is my home. I believe that if all of us who call Lynn home can come together, we can create a brighter future for our city. In my experience in public service, I have been an accountable, trustworthy public servant, and I am ready to lead a change in city government. I want to see a government in Lynn that is compassionate, that isn’t afraid to call for big ideas, or to meet people where they are, engaging everyone in decisions.

I invite you to learn more about me, about my vision for Lynn, and then to donate and get involved.


Marven Hyppolite

Una carta de Marven

Estimado compañero Ward 5 residente,

Estoy corriendo para la alcaldía porque Lynn es mi hogar. Creo que si todos los residentes de Lynn pueden unirse, podemos crear un futuro mejor para nuestra ciudad. En mi experiencia en el servicio público, he sido un servidor público responsable y confiable, y estoy listo para dirigir un cambio en el gobierno de la ciudad. Quiero ver un gobierno en Lynn que sea compasivo, que no tenga miedo de las grandes ideas – un gobierno que haga el esfuerzo de escuchar a la gente y de involucrarlos todos en las decisiones que les afectan.

Los invito a aprender más sobre mí, sobre mi visión de Lynn, y luego a donar y participar.


Marven Hyppolite